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The Sequel "Rift" by Kellan Meig'h!

the tome "Rift" takes place about twelve Elazi years after the end of "Scribe." Sa'Krista Denise Andrews'lan is now an Elazi ambassador to Earth, taking up the family mantle. She will however face challenges her mother never had to deal with.

"Rift" Chapter 01 - "The Golden Gate And The Dark Claw" in PDF format (posted 01/21/2022)

"Rift" Chapter 02 - "Inbound" in PDF format (posted 02/20/2022)

"Rift" Chapter 03 - "Welcome To Hasmalan" in PDF format (posted 05/21/2022)

"Rift" Chapter 04 - "Down The Gravity Well" in PDF format (posted 05/22/2022)

"Rift" Chapter 05 - "Dirtside For Now" in PDF format (posted 06/13/2022)

"Rift" Chapter 06 - "Settling In" in PDF format (posted 07/20/2022)

"Rift" Chapter 07 - "Pear Shaped" in PDF format (posted 03/22/2023)

"Rift" Chapter 08 - "An Appointment" in PDF format (posted 06/19/2023)