"Redemption" is the next story in the continuing saga of Torvald and Victoria Svensen, 'The Immortal Warriors.'

This story is a continuation of the misadventures outlined in the story "End Game".

This is the story that will be the final (for now) story for Torvald and Victoria Svensen.


Redemption Chapter 01 - "Impossible Act" in PDF format (posted 11/28/2010)

Redemption Chapter 02 - "An Agent With An Agenda" in PDF format (posted 12/09/2010)

Redemption Chapter 03 - "Recovery" in PDF format (posted 12/21/2010)

Redemption Chapter 04 - "Return To Normal?" in PDF format (posted 12/28/2010)

Redemption Chapter 05 - "Paging Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard . . ." in PDF format (posted 01/24/2011)

Redemption Chapter 06 - "Four Hundred and Fifty-Seven Square Feet" in PDF format (posted 02/24/2011)

Redemption Chapter 07 - "Driving The Wedge Home" in PDF format (posted 03/10/2011)

Redemption Chapter 08 - "The Three Wives Of Torvald Svensen" in PDF format (posted 03/24/2011)

Redemption Chapter 09 - "Ramifications" in PDF format (posted 04/09/2011)

Redemption Chapter 10 - "A CAll To Arms" in PDF format (posted 07/23/2011)

Redemption Chapter 11 - "Meetings and Partings" in PDF format (posted 09/19/2011)

Redemption Chapter 12 - "A Search For Answers" in PDF format (posted 10/19/2011)

Redemption Chapter 13 - "Subterfuge" in PDF format (posted 10/30/2011)

Redemption Chapter 14 - "Reconnoiter and Discovery" in PDF format (posted 11/16/2011)

Redemption Chapter 15 - "Transparency" in PDF format (posted 01/03/2012)

Redemption Chapter 16 - "Space For Rent" in PDF format (posted 02/20/2012)

Redemption Chapter 17 - "A Sirocco Is Coming" in PDF format (posted 03/04/2012)

Redemption Chapter 18 - "Temporal Paradox" in PDF format (posted 03/16/2012)

Redemption Chapter 19 - "Out In The Open" in PDF format (posted 03/31/2012)

Redemption Chapter 20 - "Marking The Line In The Sand" in PDF format (posted 04/13/2012)

Redemption Chapter 21 - "Covenants Broken And Covenants Renewed" in PDF format (posted 04/27/2012)

Redemption Chapter 22 - "The Covenant Of The Thirteen" in PDF format (posted 05/11/2012)

Redemption Chapter 23 - "The Hunters And The Prey" in PDF format (posted 05/25/2012)

Redemption Chapter 24 - "Engagement; Light Against Dark" in PDF format (posted 06/26/2012)

Redemption Chapter 25 - "Intervention, Interference and Bad Choices" in PDF format (posted 08/08/2012)

Redemption Chapter 26 - "Maelstroms and Revelations" in PDF format (posted 08/19/2012)

Redemption Chapter 27 - "The Bringer Of War" in PDF format (posted 09/06/2012)

Redemption Chapter 28 - "Clean-Up Operations" in PDF format (posted 09/14/2012)

Redemption Chapter 29 - "Renewals And Setting Up Shop" in PDF format (posted 09/28/2012)

Redemption Epilogue 1 - "First Day And Some Unexpected News" in PDF format (posted 10/05/2012)

Redemption Epilogue 2 - "Why?" by The Silver Coyote in PDF format (posted 10/05/2012)

Redemption Epilogue 3 - "Truth On A Quiet STreet In De Pere, Wisconsin" in PDF format (posted 10/05/2012)

I would suggest that you read the 'Little Nothings' stories at Aslaug's Axe Shed followed by my stories in this order: "A Voice From The Past" then "Lost" followed by "The Price Of Worship", "A Loss Of Rights" and then "End Game" to help you make more light of this story.

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