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OK, I'll start with a colorized sketch of Kellan hisself. 24 lb. inkjet paper, Prismacolor pencils, Visioneer 9420 USB flatbed scanner and PSP7.

Here's afew pics taken at Sunol Regional wilderness in September. Note that all of these were taken while on horseback! The first one is the windmill at the High Camp

This is the park and valley floor from Flag Hill. For those who use Google Earth, the coordinates for our vantage point where I took the picture from is 3731'26.10 N 12149'57.46 W Elevation 1,350 ft plus 1 horse, average size.

The next one is the Hayfield Road, headed back to the park.

And the last one is a panorama from below Flag Hill, about 1200' above the valley floor.

A scan of my tigress Tasha, taken many seasons ago. The two little fillies are my friend's daughter Amy on the left and my eldest filly 'Petuniaflower' is on the right. My eldest has given me two grandsons now.

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