Lost - A Short On-Line Story

'Lost' is a short story that involves my favorite Immortal Couple, Torvald and Victoria Svensen. The story takes place about a year after chapter 8 of A Voice From The Past and it does include a few others from the other story line. There is a few 'Guest Appearances' that I am sure you will enjoy.

This is a completed works that is being posted on the The Raccoon's Bookshelf and can be read over there.

The short story "Lost" - Chapters 1 through 15, the entire thing in PDF format

I would like to thank Mike Regan, the Old Gray Raccoon, for posting my stories over at The Raccoon's Bookshelf.

I would suggest that you read the 'Little Nothings' stories at Aslaug's Axe Shed to help you make more light of my story.

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