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Welcome to my costuming and fursuit page!

Last Updated; 21 January 2015

I will be using this page as a jumping off point for the Meig'h household's fursuiting adventures. Rather than mix it in with the blog, I decided to keep it all separate for now. I will link to my suit's page, my daughter's suit's page and add links that are of use and a tips from experience page.

Where did this all come from, you might ask? This sudden urge to dress like an animal?

My daughter and I recently attended Further Confusion 2009 and we were bitten by the fursuit bug. I looked at all of the suiters and decided that I could do at least that good if not better so here we are. If I have to explain why we want to do this, you will not understand. Trust me on this, please?

Several of the panels pretty much said to make your 'Zero' suit first. That's the suit that takes up space in the closet and never sees the light of a convention. After that (and the learning curve that goes with it), you make your 'First' suit.

As many of you might know, I want to bring Kellan to life as a suit but he will have to wait. I have tentatively planned to make a prong horn antelope named Buck Hunter for the 'Zero' suit but again, If I go that far, he needs to make the light of day. Having him commissioned is totally out of the question so I guess I need to think up an idea for that dreaded 'Zero' suit. A skunk or a 'Tuxedo' (black and white) cat?

At any rate, my daughter's suit will be a canid of indeterminate origin, white with minimal black markings. The eyes will be mixed (1 brown, 1 blue), a split color nose (black/pink) and an almost split color face. One ear will be floppy. I'm kinda seeing the body build like a husky or malamute. We will use digigrade-look legs with as small as possible hind paws for appearance purposes.

That's all for now, we need to get some stuff on order here soon and make our duct tape dummies for fitting/pattern purposes.

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