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Welcome to the Blog Archives for November 2007

Webdate: 11/30/2007

OK gang-

Chapter 2 of 'A Voice From The Past' has been posted at the Raccoon's Bookshelf and I have mirrored it here. I hope all of you will take the time to read and enjoy.

Note that there are two typo's in chapter 2. First one to e-mail me the correct answer will get some kind a pseudo-prize/mention on my site/swift kick in the hiney for being a smart@ss. Start reading so you can fine them!

Furthermore, Chapter 11 of 'Lost' is up for your enjoyment.

(an exhausted) Kellan

Webdate: 11/28/2007

I am working on a new story for my immortal couple. Torvald and Victoria will be in the Americal Mid-West in the year 1897. I can't give you much more than that without spoiling the story.

Sometimes I feel like I am suffering from James Bruner's problem. Where the first few stories flowed effortlessly onto the page, this one is going in fits and starts. It just isn't flowing. My muse took a hike on me, leaving me feeling emotionally empty at the moment. I hope that it's just nerves from getting my novel published.

There was same discussion over on PlanerFurry about Aslaug's Transitions Series. She has done Transitions I, II and she is now on Transitions III. Now here's the meat of it-she is thinking about not doing Transitions IV. Well, I can't blame her. I did a piece for 'A Voice From The Past' that was the epiogue. It had the young tiger making it to 87 years old and then dying. I can't tell you just how emotionally gut-wrenching it was to see him in his coffin in my mind. It was just like I had lost a family member and I cried real tears of anguish over his death. I promised myself that I would not write something like that ever again.

If the filly herself decides that she will not write Transitions IV, then I can see her point of view. If it were me, I would do as she has thought and that is to quit while you're ahead.

(a somewhat somber) Kellan

Webdate: 11/26/2007

Today was a day to remember. I was off sick for 30 days and I come back to work to find my truck is still broken down. I guess I was supposed to take a ladder and walk down the street with it. 8-( Oh well!

(a very unhappy) Kellan

Webdate: 11/25/2007

Well, since I have moved to this site and hosting, there had been a drop in traffic. I am not sure what has caused this but it is an interesting fact, nonetheless.

If you have some idea what needs to be added here, let me know and I will see if that will add to the site. Nothing like a little feedback from your readers.


Webdate: 11/25/2007

I have been adjusting the look and feel of the website now that I am not restricted by what I can do. Having your own hosting has it's advantages at times. I will be adding some things to the site as we grow with our new hosting.

As a side note, I am working on a new story for our immortal pair and it will be a good one this time. It was necessary to collaborate with Joan Jacobsen on a character for the story. After a late night session of IM'ing her, we came up with a new character that I am sure you will like.

I find that writing these stories had been good for my mind, forcing me to exercize the grey matter just a bit. When writing, I realize that this is my 'own' universe that I am writing in so I have some control over the goings on. I have to take into consideration that I must at least follow some gidelines (Yeah, Joan-I'm thinking of you while I type this). The new story's new character is the result of having to stay within some guidelines.


Webdate: 11/24/2007

Well, this is the first of many blogs that I will put up here. We're a domain now, and this will bring a new twist to our workings here.

We will have some real fun with the bandwidth here so stay tuned.

Just a reminder that you can read the latest post of 'Lost' right now. Chapter 10 is up and ready for your review.


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