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Webdate: 02/24/2008

Just a quick update-

The finger is doing better today but any hopes of washing off the ink doodlings by my surgeon will have to wait until I can be more agressive with a scrubbing pad of some kind. I think he may have used a permanent marker so I will have to ask him when he contacts me this week to see how I'm doing.

Typing has been hampered by the inability to use my little finger so progress on the current novel has been slowed a bit. Other than that and the occasional need for a few pain meds, I'm doing much better.

A recuperating Kellan

Webdate: 23Feb2008 @ 1241 hrs-

As promised, here's the after look, cleaned up a bit. The pain is still pretty bad because they might have cut a nerve or two in the process of removing the lump, which will be biopsied for cancer.


Once the incision site heals better so I can wash my surgeon's doodlings off, I will post a better picture set.

A very tired and sore Kellan

Webdate: 02/22/2008 @ 2329 hrs PST-

The anesthetic finally wore off and now I'm sure of what a hot poker through the finger feels like. It couldn't be anything else because I have never been in this much pain in my whole life, concidering the several very bad accidents and injuries I have sustained. It is tough just seeing how to type this and I'm really praying that it's just because the anesthetic is wearing off that I have this much pain.

Just to add insult to injury, I took 2 Vicodin and a 800mg Ibuprofen for the pain only to discover there was not a thing in the house that didn't need extensive preparation before eating to buffer the impending upset stomach.

My tigress Tasha went to the store (bless her heart!) to get a loaf of bread (the one she couldn't go get earlier because we had lots of company over) and a few other simple foods for the old warhorse, so here I sit in horrible pain, waiting for the meds to kick in.

If you have a minute, say a prayer for my speedy recovery.

(A very sick) Kellan

Webdate: 02/22/208

Just a quick entry to let you all know the surgery went off OK. My surgeon said the lump came out in one piece and he was very optimistic with the whole thing.


Webdate: 02/21/2008

For the people out there that like the gruesome, here's the 'thing' they will be removing tomorrow morning.


I will post the after as soon as I can get a very gory shot.


Webdate: 02/19/2008

Well, Friday is the day-I'm having the cyst/tumor/growth chopped off my little finger. Not much else to blog about except that the story "The Price Of Worship" will be going to 23 chapters and I can see maybe a 24th chapter. We will see...


Webdate: 02/16/2008

Take note of the date of this blog and keep that date in mind.

All three of us are at home this afternoon, moving things around and putting them away. It is peaceful and tranquil in the house, even though we are doing things. The reason? Yesterday was the last day of moving things from the hell hole formerly known as the MIL's place.

Things are peaceful for a change as we put that previous chapter of our lives to bed. Time to move on now, no longer under stress from a bad situation. The only stress I have now is the impending surgery. Something about hacking on my finger bugs me, for what reason I don't know...LOL!

A quick note that I have added a scan of my tigress Tasha to the Media page.

Just letting everyone know things are better now. We are happy today for a change.


Webdate: 02/15/2008

I just thought I would pass this along. Yesterday I had my pre-op appointment for some surgery I am having to my hand. I have a tumor of sorts on the inside of my right little finger, between the first and second joints. It had been inflamed by moving so it's now at a stage that anything touching against it is painful.

Because of the location of the surgery, I am sure that I will fall silent here on the 'net for a few days as a result. It's tough to type when you're in pain and on Vicodin. 8-P

The surgery will be on the 22nd of this month and I will post a before and after pic set for all of you guts and gore types. My surgeon was real optimistic about the surgery going off without a hitch and he felt that I might get some feeling back in that finger. That would be a plus, considering which keys the right little finger takes care of.

Anyway, this shouldn't affect the posting of my newest story. That's up to Chapter 22 so far with much left to go. I hope that everyone is enjoying it as much as I am writing it.

Take care,


Webdate: 02/11/2008

Well, it's been a long weekend here at the Meig'h household. We still have stuff to remove from the MIL's house and it isn't any easier with her standing by saying (and I quote) "You're cleaning me out!" She doesn't realize she got rid of her things or gave them to my Brother-in-law.

The day ended with the score firmly at zero for all concerned. We didn't finish like we wanted to, despite a large crew and 3 pickup trucks. I got tripped in the storage by a fireplace implement falling over, acting like a trip wire. Killed a box of bar glasses with my fall onto them, fortunately no glass escaped their cardboard confines. The final disaster was upon exiting the facility, my stablemate Tasha decided to back up without looking, putting a huge dent in the Explorer's liftgate and rearranging the grillwork of the Rumblemobile, aka my 1973 International 1010 pickup!

But wait, there's more!

The fact that only one side of the front end got hit (and not badly either, I might add), that collision tweaked the radiator just enough to cause it to leak. Did I mention that this is my only transportation to work and we have no place to work on it? Yeah, gimme that stop-leak. I know it isn't the right thing to do but it'll get me to work until I have time to put it in the shop to be repaired right.

So here it is, Monday night and I hurt in places I didn't know I had. I need to finish proofing my book (another 14 chapters) and try to complete my move by the 15th. I will keep everyone up to date so I will sign off for now. G'nite and take care.

A tired Kellan

Webdate: 02/05/2008

(note: please ignore typo's as I can't see very well right now-read on for reason why)

Well, do you think things can get any worse?

Mother-in-law expects us to move in the pouring rain.

Finally relents and says have stuff out by 15th

The next day packs our stuff up with help of certifiable neighbor and her nutcase boyfriend and places the stuff on her patio.

I'm unable to move stuff, having had my eyes dilated for an exam today. Can't see to drive at all.

What else can happen today?

On a lighter note, I received an electronic copy of my book back from the editors showing me what it will look like printed. I have to say I'm excited but at the same time sad
because I can't read it! Dilated eyes, you know. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

A very ticked off Kellan

Webdate: 02/04/2008

OK, here's something for ya-

Never live with your mother-in-law if you can help it. Nuff said.

On a lighter note, I briefly attended Further Confusion and got to meet not only our very own Teric from PlanetFurry but we met Max Blackrabbit himself. A really soft-spoken nice guy.

The first few chapters of 'The Price Of Worship' are up for your enjoyment. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Keep your eyes peeled here for updates.

Take care and be square,


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