About Kellan Meig'h and the Author behind him

A little about the famous (infamous?) Kellan Meig'h-

Kellan is an anthropomorphic horse/human hybrid that is a military veteran, family person and seeker of truth. He also tends to enjoy getting into trouble from time to time. He has hooves instead of feet and hands that have fingers and opposable thumbs.

In case you haven't figured it out, the image in the background is ol' Kellan hisself!

The creator and writer behind the famous (infamous) Kellan Meig'h-

The man behind the myth is the author of the fine writings to be found on these pages and the non-fursona of Kellan Meig'h. He is a 50+ year old family man from the San Francisco Bay Area. He was born and raised in a small community that became part of a city the year he was born. He is currently married to his loving wife of 26+ years with 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Before you go running in a panic, that's a Kilt that I'm wearing! It's in the USMC Leatherneck Tartan! I know, it's not the USAF tartan, but it's all that I could find at the time! 8-P

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